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The Great Six
The Great Six: Marcin, Wojtek, Ania, Asia, Lukasz, Natalia (Fot. REVERS)

Joanna, Lukasz, Marcin, Wojtek, Natalia and Anna met on a sunny Sunday morning. As the secret sources claim, it was a huge challenge.  The group’s aim was to discover Zakrzowek, a remote part of Krakow. They learnt the story of the place and focused on the unique butterfly called Scarce Large Blue (Polish "Modraszek", Latin "Phengaris teleius"). Although the adventure started literally in the grass, it was followed by hard work at Jagiellonian University, which results you can see right now.

Zakrzowek (Fot. REVERS)

Where is Scarce Large Blue? (Fot. REVERS)

The meeting was a part of the project ‘Green Europe’. It is a youth exchange gathering participants from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia. The event will take place in Rustavi, Georgia,  where groups of five are going to exchange their knowledge concerning environment protection in their countries. The participants will also get to know more about the natural environment in Georgia. The project is organized within the framework of the ‘Youth in Action’ programme. To find out more about the programme and youth exchanges, check www.ec.europa.eu/youth

Rustavi, Georgia, Summer 2012, near office of our partner Georgian Youth for Europe (Fot. REVERS)

What exactly is Zakrzowek?

In 1990 a former calcium quarry was flooded. Thanks to this two water reservoirs, 25 meters from each other, were formed. The place charms with its nature and landcapes. Also, it offers interesting ways of spending leisure time such as diving or climbing.

Zakrzowek, Krakow (Fot. REVERS)

Diving Centre Kraken provides you with various underwater attractions, just to mention a sunken bus, motorboats, Fiat 125p, a blue Nysa van and a cottage.

Calcium rocks are an object of interest for geologists because of their peculiar geological forms. You can observe clear lines separating the faults, between the edges there are grabens. In Zakrzowek you can find caves (Twardowski Cave and Jasna Cave), as well as a variety of karst forms.

Scarce Large Blue meadows
Scarce Large Blue meadows (Fot. REVERS)

The meeting 

As it has been mentioned before, we started our meeting on a beautiful and hot Sunday in July to pay our attention to the tiny butterfly Scarce Large Blue. After waiting for belated Lukasz and the troubles with Ania’s bycicle inner tube, we were finally ready to discover Krakow off the beaten track. During out trip we have also lost Natalia, as she was desperate to find and take a photo of the butterfly. Fortunately, we found both Natalia and the butterfly, which turned out to be a beautiful, colourful creature. Scarce Large Blue caught our attention thanks to his peculiar cycle of development, which we have learnt from doctor Beata Klimek from Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Environmental Sciences.

The butterfly’s female lays eggs on the blossoms of sanguisorba, which we could have observed in Zakrzowek and in the neighbourhood of the Jagiellonian University. A young caterpillar stays in hiding, this period lasts 2 weeks until it reaches the 4th larva stadium. Then the caterpillar falls to the ground. As it lies on the bedding, it resembles a lost ant’s larva. At that moment , caterpillars are able to discharge chemical substances called attractors, which affect some species of ants. After finding the larva, which is usually lying still, by the ants, the process of its adoption starts.

The interesting lecture by doctor Beata Klimek was followed by the discussion on the issue of conflict of interest, as an academic swimming pool is planned in the habitat of Scarce Large Blue. The information really upset us.

Sanguisorba (Phot. REVERS)

Later, we went to the building of Jagiellonian University in order to finish our work, talk over our trip and get to know each other better. While we were still working, a storm started and we had to come back home in the rain. However, even this weather change did not ruin our good moods. We consider that day as a very successful one and we hope our cooperation will be better and better!

Working on presentation which will be presented in Rustavi
Working on presentation which will be presented in Rustavi (Phot. REVERS)

We invite you to watch our English presentation, which will be shown to all participants of the exchange in Rustawi. You can keep updated with our project on: www.greeneurope2012.livejournal.com. We will return soon ☺

The result of the Great Six’s work

Protection of habitats of butterfly Scarce Large Blue presentation:



Youth exchange funded by  Logo Youth in Action




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